Special Issues

Special Issue co-guest editor for Academy of Management Learning and Education
Special issue title:  New Histories of Business Schools and How They May Inspire New Futures. Publication Volume: June 2021

Co-guest editors: Patricia Genoe McLaren; JC Spender; Stephen Cummings; Ellen O’Connor; Christina Lubinski; Todd Bridgman; Gabrielle Durepos

Special Issue lead co-editor for the 50th Anniversary Special Issue of Management Learning

Special Issue title: Celebrating 50 years of Management Learning: Historical reflections at the intersection of the past and future; Publication volume 51(2) 2020.

Co-guest editors: Rafael Alcadipani, Mairi McLean and Stephen Cummings


Special Issue co-editor for Journal of Management History
Special Issue title: Use of Methodology in Management History; Publication volume 25(3) 2019.

Co-guest editors:  Wim van Lent

DOI: 10.2307/1556348

Special issue co-editor for Management & Organizational History
Special Issue title: Re-visiting the Historic Turn 10 years later: Current Debates in Management and Organizational History; Publication volume 11(2) 2016.

Co-guest editors: Roy Suddaby, Albert Mills, and William Foster


Special issue co-editor for the journal Critical Perspectives on International Business
Special Issue title: Voices At/From The Margins: Articulating The ‘Consequences’ Of International Business, volume 12(3) 2016.

Co-guest editor: Ash Prasad


Special issue co-editor for Management & Organizational History
Special Issue title Theorizing the Past, volume 7(3) 2012.

Co-guest editors: Albert Mills, Terrance Weatherbee, and Jean Helms Mills